Welcome to the inaugural Carmody ADR Blog.  From time to time the members of the Carmody ADR Group will present topics of interest in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. With well over 90 percent of civil disputes being resolved without the need for a final adjudicated decision, a conversation about the methods and means of resolving the vast majority of civil disputes is clearly warranted.

Carmody ADR lawyers have served with distinction as neutrals, both independently and under the auspices of ADR provider organizations such as the American Arbitration Association. Our lawyers’ experiences as veteran trial lawyers provide them with insight for creative problem solving. They are highly regarded for their ability to understand and resolve complex multi-party disputes amicably through mediation. Our lawyers have earned a reputation for fairness and efficiency as neutrals. When serving as arbitrators in sophisticated and complex matters, hearings are conducted cost-effectively, and the resulting decisions are concise and well-reasoned. In recognition of its commitment to principled and creative conflict-management and resolution, members of Carmody’s ADR practice group have received awards for excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

For more information, please visit: www.carmodylaw.com/alternative-dispute-resolution