Congratulations to Attorney Chuck Stohler, who was appointed as a Special Master by Connecticut federal court Judge Janet B. Arterton in a nationwide wage and hour class and collective action case pending in Connecticut.  Chuck was selected over several others for this position.

Chuck is the lead partner in Carmody’s Labor and Employment Practice and his employment law experience spans more than 35 years. At the request of numerous parties, Chuck’s practice has focused on alternative dispute resolution, and he regularly serves as a neutral in mediations, arbitrations, fact findings and investigations. He has mediated numerous national and regional class and collective action wage-hour matters.

Welcome to the inaugural Carmody ADR Blog.  From time to time the members of the Carmody ADR Group will present topics of interest in the field of Alternative Disputes. With well over 90% of civil disputes being resolved without the need of a final adjudicated decision, a conversation about the methods and means of resolving the vast majority of civil disputes is clearly warranted.